Saturday, September 26, 2009

Will the THIRD time be the CHARM??

Cause I'm not feeling so charmed with this blogger thing at the moment! I tried to edit the post below about 6 times, moving the text and photos a bit, and everytime it reverted RIGHT BACK to the off center thing you see below.
*BIG annoyed SIGH*
These three little *booties* belong to the Halls Boys. The middle one and one on the right are twins,(Tim and Zach) and then the little guy Sam is on the left. They are warming their hands at the fire, corn on the cob is cooking in the trash can. I think they are watching my son Mike, just off camera to the right. Cute!

This is Miss Kaylee, at the Mother-Daughter Campout. She is Sweet-sweet-sweet, and has the most adorable brown curls. I could smear honey on her and eat her up...but I'm thinking her Mom might not like that. *grin* Kaylee will be getting a new BABY BROTHER in a few weeks...maybe I can convince Mom to let me take some newborn pics????

Alright, I'm done for now. I feel glued to my computer chair, and need to start thinking about dinner. Though on a Sat evening, I don't put a whole lot of thought into it...Hamburgers anyone??


Sarah Hull said...

o.k. friend. come over and I will teach you the tricks. there are just a few tricks to make blogging much easier.
p.s. I LOVE your blog and your pics and I need to order some bread, and cinn. rolls ASAP!!! Your blog makes me hungry!!

Linda said...

Oh Sarah, I love you! Seriously, if I come over you will give me a lesson?? I'm calling you tomorrow!
Did you see, I managed to get a photo in my title??
Do you want some bread/cinn rolls? I owe you a loaf of bread anyway, and can add the rolls to the order.
Talk to ya tomorrow!