Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cute Kids!

Hey, did you notice.....I was successful at adding photos to my post yesterday! Yippee! It wasn't hard, but it was timeconsuming. Everytime I clicked to add a photo, it automatically put the photo at the TOP of my post. Where I already had a photo. So then I had to move it, and re-align my text, and move some more...with each photo! Arrgghh! There must be an easier way, and I plan to figure it out. To do so, I'm adding MORE photos today. Because I'm just a sucker for punishment. Eh.

Todays photos are CUTE kids from my ward. The photos were either taken at our Ward Beach Party in August, or Mother-Daughter Campout a few weeks later. Let's start with the Beach Party Pics. Above is Miss Bailey. Ya gotta LOVE the pearls!

Next is Mr Blake, going to town on that corn. I'd hate to think what his diaper looked like the next day...hehehe.
**Ok, I'm stuck. I'm trying to add the 3rd photo, and I can't drag it down below the photo of Carter. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!! So, I'm going to end this post, and start a new one. Blech!

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