Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everything Old is New again...and again

I've decided it's time to get with the whole 'social networking' trend, and try blogging...again. You can see how well it worked last time I tried. Back in Sept of 08. A year ago. *hanging head in shame*
So, what is the purpose of my blog?

To share the Comings, Goings, and Mishaps of my family.
To share my love of Baking and Cooking
To maybe encourage some people to purchase some of my Baking and Cooking!
To share my journey to become a better Photographer
Because I LOVE attention. (positive only, please)

Ok, enough of trying to be deep.

It's 100* in LB today. I really wanted to bake some Pumpkin Muffins,, but even I am not that crazy. Maybe in the morning, I have a couple of other baking requests to fulfill tomorrow. Let's all pray for a bit cooler temps...though this is quite normal for Sept in SoCal.

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