Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls...and whatnot

Hello fans! or friends! or family! Actually, I'm not sure who reads this yet, except for Sara. {{HI Sara!}} Maybe if I actually BLOGGED occasionally, I might get readers. Ya think??

Ok, I have an excuse. I somehow injured my right shoulder 2 months ago, and everytime I sat down at the computer for more than 5 min, but shoulder/arm would start to hurt, and go tingly and numb. Not fun. It's still doing those things, but at a much reduced amount. So, time to start blogging again!

Let's start with a photo of Cinnamon Rolls from yesterday, shall we?? These were made for a customer, and I hear she loved them! MMM, don't those look yummy?? If you are interested in a pan of these for yourself, or any other of my homemade baked good, just leave a comment, or email me: . One of these days when I become more Blogger-literate, I will have a seperate blog/page just for my baking business. {actually, I'm thinking I need to go hang out with Sara some, so she can teach this 'old dog' some new tricks!

I also finished editing the Fersch Family's photos! yea me! Here is one from their photo shoot, taken at Shoreline Village a couple of weekends ago. This was the 4th year in a row I've done their family photos...can't believe they haven't found someone with a little more talent and experience, lol.
What's on the calendar for this week: Mon: grocery shopping, laundry Tues: Work, get rained on! Wed: Work, get rained on, Millikan Christmas Concert Thurs: Work, get rained on, do some baking Fri: Sleep in, bake, ??? Sat: Ward Christmas Party
Also try to set up an appt with a bride-to-be and her Mom for a weddng cake for January. Fun!
Off to do some reading before bed. Good night!