Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Fotos of Families

Since I'm wasting a beautiful fall afternoon doing *nothing*, I might as well learn more about 'How to Blog'. Today, I am going to figure out how to post photos on my blog. Can I get some applause? *clap-clap-clap* Hmmm, maybe we should hold the appluase until we find out if this will be successful??

I'm starting with some photos of a couple of families I shot last month. ('shot' as in taking their photo, not with bullets) First we have the fun Koford Family from Los Alamitos: (see above) Brain and Erica and their cute kids (i already forgot their names, oops) were just gorgeous and fun to shoot. We went down to CSULB and found some fun spots to pose around the middle of campus. Mom and Dad were very patient, and the kids were more co-operative than I expected, considering it was about 100* ! It was great getting their personalities to shine through. Thanks Kofords!!

Next, the Ball Family, also of Los Al. For their shoot we went down to Seal Beach on a very crowded, very hot, very smokey-overcast evening. I took my 2 girls along as 'helpers', and didn't even need them, as the Ball Kids were SOOOO great! And cute. And adorable. And photogenic.

It was a completely differenct shoot from the Kofords, ...the beach vs campus, crowded vs deserted, soft beachy feel vs urban grundge feel. Again, everyone was so co-operative and had great ideas for me. Thanks Ball Family!

*Note to anyone I do a photo session for:

Recommend me to a friend, and you can earn FREE prints, or $$ off your next session! And don't forget to hand out those little photo cards I give you!

My next project is SENIOR PORTRAITS!

I've noticed over the last few years, that for some reason, ...getting outside, on-location photos done when you are a High School Senior is not 'done' around here. My nieces and nephews up in NorCal all get Senior Photos done at fun and unique locations. They get to change their clothes, bring accesories, (sports equipment, musical instruments, etc), and have a photo shoot that shows their personalities. Here in SoCal, the kids just show up at our school campus on their appointed day, have a few head shots and full body shots done, using the same poses as all the other 800 Seniors in their class, (in the gym with plain backgrounds), and then wait for the 'wonderful' proofs to arrive in the mail a week later. If the photos turned out good, then hopefully they had the forethought to save some $$$ or take out a small loan, cause those studio portraits are EXPENSIVE!!

(Left: Jenni as a Senior, Dec 2005, photo taken by me)

Well, I want to CHANGE that!! First step, take Mike and a friend to do a free photo session somewhere. Maybe CSULB, or the Beach, or the park. Then, I will make small 'pass-out' cards for them to give to all their friends. Then...hopefully the kids will start calling to book sessions

If you are interested in booking a session, give me a call.
Home: 562-594-0059
Cell: 562-500-4859
Bye till later!
(Mike at Seal Beach, May 2007)

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