Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cute Kids, Take 2

Cute Kids, Take 2: First up is Miss Eliza. I've been lucky enough to take photos of this cutie a few times now. She is adorable, and mischievous, and I love her to bits!
Below is Miss Katie, big sister to Carter. She's a stylin' young miss, with her bug-eye white shades. I think they match her hair!

Below is Mr Carter, Katie's little bro. Quite the wild thang. Wonder what he's thinking...I'm sure its has to do with *trouble*, lol. I'm loving his dimples on his to make the photo larger to see them.

**Now the little button I click to 'add a photo' is not working at all!! So, apparently this is the end of THIS post, too. Shall I try for #3??

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