Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well Folks, we have a WINNER!! Remember my post last week, about having my FIRST blog giveaway?? Bet you thought I forgot, huh?? Oh ye of little faith...tsk, tsk.

As soon as this upcoming crazy bridal shower weekend is over...AMY SUE will be feasting on a loaf of my Famous Cinnamon Swirl Bread!! WHoo-Hoo!! Congrats to YOU!!
(I'll give ya a shout-out on FB when I have it ready Amy)

Oh. Are you feeling bad that YOU didn't win anything?? Well, it's not too late. Here's your chance. Read yesterdays blog post, "Oh Nuts" and follow the directions in the post, and YOU too might be a lucky winner like Amy. Except next week it will be something 'Nut' related. Yes, it's a surprise, and I'm not telling yet. And Yes, I'm kinda mean that way...just ask my kids. Or better yet, my husband. ha!

Hugs and Happy Eating!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Wahoo..wahoo..wahoo (enter me doing the happy dance)! I'm so excited to try out the cinnamon swirl bread. Thank you!!!