Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Goodies!

Hey! It just occured to me that Valentines Day is THIS Sunday! Do you know what that means?? I need to offer some AWESOME Valentines Goodies for my most AMAZING customers to order! (yea, all 4 of you. wait, i think i'm up to 6 now, go me) By the way, did you gals know that I am a certified Cake Decorator, for the last 25 yrs?? Yep, from Eagle Scout Cakes to Wedding Cakes, and even a year of teaching for Wilton, I've done it all. Or so it feels at times, lol.

So, here's what I've some up with;

1. 'Heart' Cupcakes - Regular size Cupcakes, decorated with Frosting Swirls, and Fondant Hearts. Available in 3 yummy flavors; Devil's Food, Vanilla, or Red Velvet. Frosted with a Chocolate Buttercream, or Vanilla Cream Cheese Swirl. (yum-yum) These are 6 for $12, minimum of 6 (same flavor, please) That is only $2.00 per cupcake, a dollar LESS than the little boutique bakery around the corner sells their's for. Mine are homemade, and just as good. Promise!

2. Sweetheart Cake - An 8" Heart shaped Devils Food Cake, filled with a Raspberry Cream Cheese, and covered with a Chocolate Fudge Frosting, then drizzled with Chocolate Ganache. Double Yum! Also available in Red Velvet, with Cream Cheese Frosting. A Sweet Deal at only $25 each...and that includes a written message if desired! (just keep it 'clean' haha)

Now for the ordering info; You have 48 hrs to make up your mind, and let me know what you will be wanting. (or until Thurs at 10pm). I will spend Friday/Sat baking, and have all items ready for PICKUP Sat Afternoon/Evening. No orders taken after Thurs night, I need to purchase special boxes, etc. Sorry. Leave orders HERE, under comments (with your contact info) OR Email me - carrot_top6@yahoo.com OR Call me;

LAST, ALL monies made off this Valentine Special will go directly to purchase my daughter Jenni's Temple Wedding Dress!! (she is the lovely young lady in the post below). She has already purchase her Official Wedding Dress, but it is light Ivory color to go with her fair complextion. I want to purchase the White Temple dress for her...a special gift from Mom.

Thanks Ladies! And Happy Eating!!

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Tía Hillary said...

I thought she was going to borrow a temple dress - because you don't wear it again?
Wish I could order some ... but now Maggie's out filling out job apps - Beaverton Bakery (keep your fingers crossed!) - Starbucks - Pizza Schmizza ...