Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Every few days on Facebook, I like to ask "What's for Dinner?"
Why? you ask...For one thing, it gives me a topic to post that people might respond to that might not usually reply to other posts. Another reason, it gives me new ideas for dinner time. There are an amazing number of great cooks out there in cyberland, and I think we should ALL have the opportunity the share our FOOD. lol. (ok, except maybe Hillary, and her chicken-noodles-mashed potatoes stuff. The jury is still out on this one) (love ya, Hil!)
And lastly, it gives me the chance to Google "dinner" images, and come up with this photo, titled - "Redneck Seafood Dinner" ROTFLOL, I kid you not!! My husband would KILL me if I made this, but my kids would probably LOVE it, especially Cami.

Bet ya didn't know, (well, how would you?) but most weeks I plan a Weekly Dinner Menu. I find my week goes so much smoother if I know in advance what I'm making for dinner any night of the week, instead of just 'flying by the seat of my pants'. I usually only plan Mon-Friday, cause I used to insist that I had 'weekends off', but in reality, I still do cook on weekends too...just not full-on dinners, unless we are BBQing or having company. (and THAT happens so often...not!) Planning menus ahead also lets me take advantage of what I've got, 'stocked' in the freezer, and use grocery sale items too.

Also, by writing down menus, I can look back at previous menus to remind me of things we haven't had in awhile,(Steph begged me for 6 months to make Beef Enchiladas) or maybe have been having too often. (like those cheap Trader Joes Potstickers...sorry honey!) I can also look at my week, and figure that Wednesday, with Work, Mutual, and Musical Rehersal, (and accompaning taxi service) might not be a great day to make a time consuming Chicken Pot Pie from scratch. Or a day that I have 4 loaves of bread, 2 pans of cinnamon rolls, and a batch of cookies to bake, wouldn't be the best day to ALSO use the OVEN to cook Meat Loaf and Cheesy Pototoes. yep, did that the other day.

So, now that I've given you so many positive reasons to create a Weekly Dinner Menu...will you?? I'm gonna CHALLENGE you to do so this week! An to sweeten the pot, (haha) I'm going to offer a PRIZE! Post your weekly menu HERE (in my commnets) or on your OWN BLOG,(and leave a link here)...and you will be entered to win either a SEE'S CANDY GIFT CERTIFICATE, or a ONE LOAF of my HOMEMADE BREAD! (your choice of flavors). I'll post my menu first, to get your menu-planning juices flowing...the rest is up to you. I'll also try to post some of the recipes I use during the coming week. Sweet deal, no??

Here's my menu, lets see your's ;)

Monday - Pork Chimichangas (Pork cooked in Crockpot)with Homemade Guacamole, Green Salad
Tues - Pan Grilled Chicken Gryos, on homemade Flatbread, Steamed Broccoli
Wed - Crockpot Chili with Steamed Rice, Grated Cheese, and Cornbread Muffins
Thurs - Leftover BBQ Pork on Buns, French Fries, Fruit Salad
Friday - Ranch Chicken, Spanish Rice, Sauteed Squash

OH, and I haven't forgotten...someone will be WINNING a NUTTY SURPRISE in the next couple of days. Keep checking back for the winner! Hugs, and HAPPY EATING!


Jessica said...

The hotdog-octupi are creeptacularly hilarious!

Mason/Sam/Family said...

Hi Linda - my sister gave me your blog address . . . Love it!!! Hope you are doing well! I took your challenge and here is my week's menu:

Monday - Leftover chili with fritos, corn, and rolls
Tuesday - Lime Chicken (crock pot) on tortillas, with tortilla chips and guacamole (counts as a veggie I think)
Wednesday - Leftover Lime chicken
Thursday - Grilled Salmon, green beans, rolls
Friday - Garlic basil shrimp with orzo pasta, rolls (of course), and broccoli

Take care - I'm actually going to try to octopus-dogs this weekend. My boys will LOVE them! Thalea

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

OH, all right!
It's a crappy menu this week, with the holiday today and other things going on. But here goes:

Monday - whatever Disneyland has to offer
Tuesday - spaghetti with garlic bread *not to mention the Cinnamon bread I'll be snacking on all day*
Wednesday - a school fund raiser at Polly's Pies (you know it's a cheap resturant when there is more gray hair patrons than any other people..teehee)
Thursday - pork ribs in barbeque sauce cooked in the crock pot with mac-n-cheese and corn
Friday - Date night/adult Valentine party and the girlies get pizza
Saturday - ???

See, told ya...not a good week. But thanks for all the great ideas for next week!

Linda said...

Thanks for the comments so far!
I totally agree with you Jessica about the hotdogs, which is why I had to post them.

Thalea! Nice to you see girlfriend! Your meals sound yummy...I think you need to share the recipe for the Lime Chicken, please?? I checked your blog...your boys are so cute! (took you long enough, lol!)

Amy Sue! Sounds like a 'cheater' week, lol I used to have weeks like that when Gary went on business trips. Low stress, haha.
Oh, the cinnamon swirl bread makes great French Toast, too.

Tía Hillary said...

don't be silly, Linda - there's NO chicken in "Bacon & Noodles"!! It's bacon ... seashell pasta ... mashed potatoes. A real stick-to-your-ribs dinner. Good!!!
You know my best dinner to make? Reservations! (LOL - not really, Hungry Howie's delivers.)

brodiefiles said...

Let's see--
Monday-your sloppy joe recipe-pretty good, but a bit sweeter than expected.
Wednesday-costco potstickers and rice
Thursday-chili mac-
Fri-we'll see!