Monday, February 8, 2010

It's not Fair!

I found out today that my dearest, adorable, beautiful daughter Jenni is CHEATING me out of one of the best perks of being a 'MOB' (mother of the bride). You'll never guess what she did. Come on, give it a try...Whatever you guessed, you're probably WRONG. You know what my sneaky, sly, clever girl did????? She had her Fiancee Phil's address put down as the 'ship to' address for any gifts ordered off her Gift Registry!!!!
Do you realize what that means?!?!?! It means that any gifts she gets before the wedding, get delivered to HIS house, and I DON"T GET TO SEE THEM! And worse, I don't get the opportunity to 'borrow' anything, or 'try stuff out' ahead of time to make sure it works! Cause you know, I would just HATE her to get something like a Belgian Waffle Maker and discover the first time using it that is doesn't work. Yeah, I really try to being a loving, caring Mom...but she just doesn't give me the chance. (lol)

And one more thing...she even gave Phil all the Gift Cards she got at the Showers on Sat, so 'she' couldn't use them! Dang kids...

That's Ok, I'll just get back at her by posting embarrassing photos of her with Honeymoon Nighties. Bwahahahaha!

Love you Jen, and I had a great time at BOTH your bridal showers! (but couldn't you have at least slipped just ONE Target GC in my purse???)


Jennifer Romero said...

Actually Phil put his address!. And we have NO room here to keep anything. duh

Linda said...

There'a always room for Gift Cards! DUH!

Dustin and Melissa said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! I can't wait to see pictures! Love your blog!