Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Fudge!

No really. Fudge! HOT Fudge! The dark, chocolatey goodness that dreams are made of. (oh come on, I know I'm not the only person that dreams of Hot Fudge...!)

I made some last night. Not in my dreams, but in REAL LIFE. In my kitchen, on my (messy) stove. Yea, you know you have a messy stove too...it just proves how much you use it! And after I made it, and we ate it on Banana Splits, I thought, "hey! this is so easy and good, i should post it on my blog!" (no, i don't use capital letters when i think)

A few notes on ingredients before we get to the recipe. Sometimes the brands of food I use in recipes doesn't matter. Like canned corn. If I'm making my Santa Fe Chicken Salad, the salsa doesn't care if the corn is Del Monte, or Stater Bros brand. (Salsa is not snobby like that. Jambalaya is, though.) However, other recipes definitely turn out better when certain brands are used. For instance:

Nestles Chocolate Chip (semi sweet) are the BEST tasting, reasonably priced Chocolate Chip you can buy. Don't buy store brands to try to save a few $$. Your finished recipe will not taste as good. maybe even nasty. I get these in like 18 lb bags (ok, only 5 lbs) at Sams Club or Costco. And I go thru ALOT of them. At least one huge bag a month. You might say our family is full of chocoholics. Better than booze, right??

Now, at the other end of the brand name thing, is Sweetened Condensed Milk.

<< -----Most people use this one. Guess what?? You don't have to! There are 3-4 brands of sweetened condensed milk on your store shelves, and ALL of THEM are cheaper that this one! At my grocery store, Eagle Brand averages $3.00 a can. The other brands average around $2.00 a can, and I regularly find them for 2/$3 !! That is HALF the cost of Eagle Brand! And it tastes the same! And works the same! I'm embarrassed to say, it took me quite a few years to discover this. But now I only buy <<--- if it is on sale cheaper than $1.50 a can. (Sams club had a 4 pack last week, for $3.80. yep, i bought it) Anyway. I do't want none ya'll sayin ya didn't git ya sum ed-chu-ka-shun from mah blog.

Without further ado...(i always wanted an excuse to say that) here it is;


1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

2 Cups Chocolate Chips

1 Cup mini-Marshmellows

1/2 Cup Milk (just the stuff outta the fridge)

1 t. Vanilla

pinch of Salt

Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. Heat over medium heat, stirring almost constantly, to keep the chocolate from burning. Keep stirring until all the marshmellows are melted and mixed in. (this will take 5-10 min. It's worth it, really.)

Serve this over a Banana Split, make a Hot Fudge Sundae, smother a Hot Fudge Brownie, pour over Pancakes, (ok, just kidding about the pancakes. maybe.) or practice fingerpainting your Honey. (hey, no one ever said this blog was 'G' rated!)

Keep any leftovers in a container in the fridge. Hide from the kids if neccessary.

Hugs, and Happy Eating!


Jessica said...

You have now planted an image in my brain that will cause me to snicker every time I see your husband at church.

Linda said...

Like you don't already????? {snicker, that is} LOL!

Mikybarb said...

Now I'm thinking that if I opened your fridge and saw a partial jar of your Hot Fudge sauce I'd wonder what it was left over from!!!!! *giggle* (but I copied down the recipe! Thanks for sharing!!!!)

Linda said...

Note to self: Keep Barb out of my fridge. lol

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

mmmm...that sounds yummy! And perfect for my "soft foods diet" (from the root canal experience). Thanks

Mikybarb said...

Linda, next time I come over I'm gonna be looking at your fridge and wondering! ha ha!!!! *hugs*