Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ehhh, What's Up Doc??

Carrots make me think of Bugs Bunny,...loved him as a kid, more as a grownup (could apprieciate the 'adult' humor), that is the reason for the title. LOL.

Speaking of Carrots, my RAINY DAY SPECIAL for WED is...CARROT CAKE!! Here's the deal: Order a Carrot Cake from me TODAY, pick it up on FRIDAY for the weekend. An 8" Round Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting (no nuts), ONLY $20 !! What a steal! It will look just like the one right there on my blog, but 2 layers instead of 3, and no nuts. It serves 12-15, and keeps for days. Not that it will be around that long, hehe. Makes a great dessert to have on hand for family or guests this weekend. Or hide in a closet and eat half of it yourself...I won't tell. This cake if from an ollllllld family recipe, and has earned me a (good) reputation in my ward. I'm probably gonna have to make one of Jenni's wedding cake tiers Carrot Cake, to satisfy my family's love for it.

And here's a heads up for tomorrows special: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins AND Handmade Soft Flatbread!! Both are 'da bomb'...I mean, 'da macaroni'. Don't ask, loooong story. Just trust me. More info on both these goodies tomorrow! Stay tuned. Or as Elmer Fudd would say, "I'm off to catch that Wascally Wabbit" Happy Baking!!


Mikybarb said...

Linda, very cute blog! I didn't know you had one! I've gotten out of the habit of working on mine, but today may be the day I get to it! Thanks for the inspiration! :) I wish my family ate carrot cake, it looks delicious! Love to you and the fam!

Cherri said...

Hello, I am checking you out from Amy's blog and really want to order a carrot cake. How do I contact you to place an order? My e-mail is CherriAR (at) mac (dot) com.

Amy and Kyle said...

Is there any way I can get some of those pumpkin muffins at 8am??? If that's ridiculous it's totally fine. I'm meeting a friend at 8:30 and I'd love to bring some. (tomorrow morning)

Linda said...

Hi Amy!

Usually I'd say NO,...(lol) but since I'm just sitting here waiting for bread and cinnamon rolls to rise...then SURE!
8am will be great, if you don't mind seeing me in my jammies.

Oh, how many?? I usually sell them by the dozen, (regualr size), but can do half dozen also.

Linda said...


I sent you an email to the addy you posted. Did you get it?? If not, email me at carrot_top6@yahoo{dot}com Thanks!