Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Santa Claus

Dear Santa,
I've been a really good girl this year. I've only yelled at 2 kids, forgot to wash underwear once, took Cami out to deliever flyers for 2 hours so she could earn $$, threatened to wash out only 1 kids mouth, and only said 'h*ll' once in conversation. Not bad, considering it's only the 4th week of January.
Since I'm on a such a good girl roll, I thought I'd start my Wish List now. Just so if you are chatting it up with the Elves, you can get started on my stuff. Cause I could use these things SOONER, rather than later. Maybe you could pass this info on to the Easter Bunny?? I'm expecting him in a couple of months. Thanks!

#1 - A Beater Blade for my KitchenAid Mixer. It scrapes the sides of the bowl, so you don't have to stop the mixer and do it yourself. Cool, huh??

#2 - For my injured shoulder to stop hurting, and finish healing before the wedding. 3 months is long enough, I'd also like a full nights sleep, if it's not too much to ask. Seriously, I have sewing to do, and computer work to do, and WORK work to do....NO PAIN Please!

#3 - A job for husband. Where he gets paid in REAL $$$. (not a commission only, 6-8 months down the line. sheesh) And comes with Health Insurance. And Dental too, as long as we're wishing.

#4 -One of these please, that works. ---->
Color and Brand don't matter. Really Large would be great.
I loved my most recent (free!) dryer, but the heating element quit, and cost too much $$$ replace. Sadness. Thank goodness for sunny days and clotheslines!
#5 - More Carpet Cleaning jobs for our business. And less rain, cause when it rains too much, everyone cancels their carpet cleaning. No carpet cleaning = no $$ to pay basic bills.
#6 - Customers that need Wedding Cakes or other large baking orders. I have to bake many loaves of bread just to fill up my gas tank. A few big cakes would really be helpful, and result in higher per hour $$ for me.
#7 - Continued Health and Strength for our Family, and Friends. Apprieciation for the Love and Support we've been shown the last year. Gratitude for the Blessing we do have, try not to dwell on the Hardships.
Thanks Santa for your consideration. Love, the Jones Family.


Jessica said...

My SIL gave me one of those beater things for Christmas. LOVE it!

Linda said...

Jessica, Really?! What size KA do you have??