Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Keep Swimming...

I think that will be my mantra for the next 8 days. Yep, only 8 days to go until THE WEDDING! Wow. 2 thoughts..."where did the last 4 months go?", and..."HOLY MOLY, I have alot to do!!" I'm thinking a 'List of Lists' will work well for today, and maybe help me get my activities and thoughts for the next week into some sort of order. (this idea is from my Utah friend Sophia)

TEN things I need to do this weekend:
1. Go to Distribution Center today with Jenni to buy clothes
2. Stop at cake decorating store for a few things
3. Finish Carrot Cake to donate for Los Al ward's Silent Auction tonight
4. Make a "Splenda" German Chocolate Cake for a customer. (good luck with this, my first time using Splenda)
5. Pick up my Wonder Drug prescription from Costco
6. Finish editing some photos
7. And put those photos on a CD
8. Prepare YW lesson for Sunday
9. Go to Newport Beach Temple tomorrow for Jenni's endowments!
10. Teach YW lesson on Sunday

NINE places I will go this weekend:
1. Newport Beach Temple
2. Distribution Center
3. Jenni's apartment
4. Costco
5. Out to lunch tomorrow??
6. New Moon release party at Borders. Not.
7. Grocery Store
8. Church
9. Wherever kids need to be taken to

EIGHT things I hope I can get family members to do so I won't have to:
1. Fix toilet seat in bathroom
2. Clean the stove
3. Clean the Microwave
4. Clean the Bathroom
5. (do we see a pattern here??)
6. Clean Kitchen Floor
7. Laundry
8. Vacuum

SEVEN things I need to purchase:
1. New Toilet Seat
2. Cake Box/Board
3. Underwear
4. Big Cute Tote bag
5. Large Ziplock Bags
6. Plates/Napkins/Cups/Cutlery, etc for 200. (this is Jenni's)
7. New WELCOME mat for the front porch

SIX things I need to BAKE or COOK:
1. Red Velvet Cake (for wedding)
2. Chocolate Chip Cookies (for wedding dessert table?)
3. Sugar free German Chocolate Cake
4. Waffles for Sunday dinner
5. Pork Roast in the Crock Pot
6. Big Batch of Spagetti sauce

FIVE people I am GRATEFUL to:
1. Tami Mallett
2. Liz Jimenez
3. Loni Wilkenson
4. Jessica Brimley
5. Verlin Youd

FOUR things I'm looking forward to:
1. Jenni's reaction to the Temple tomorrow
2. The headbands and necklaces being made for me and my girls
3. Lunch out tomorrow?
4. Hearing about Gary's hopeful//possible JOB

THREE things I'm feeling right now:
1. Anxious
2. Detirmined
3. Nervous

TWO things I wish I had MORE of right now:

ONE last thought:
I'm SO so so so GRATEFUL for all my wonderful friends and family and all the help and support they've given us the past few months. (even the last year!) Hope to see all of you at the WEDDING and/or RECEPTION next Sat! (but I still expect you to help with setup and decorating the Woodruff Building Thurs and Friday. Really. lol)

HUGS to all!!


Jessica said...

So who is Verlin Youd? I just barely beat him, so I figure he must be somebody important! ;-)

Helena said...

Busy busy! I hope it all went well!